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Dedicated to you that are writers – you will understand! I’ve finally written something, The magazine accepted. All my other efforts Had been quickly rejected. This time my writing effort, They used without restriction. It was the check I wrote them For my year’s subscription. Very few writers avoid the indignities of rejection slips. I […]


Yesterday, at half past two, I ran right out of things to do. Although you think of it a crime, I sat me down to force some rhyme. When Ogden did it, I am told, All his poems were quickly sold. But you told me in terms so certain, My attempts are truly hurtin’. You […]

Change of Menu

The stupid bird was there again; it seemed that it was everywhere. It poked its beak in everything and left deposits there. Cloud Face had hunted all day long without a bit of luck. He hadn’t seen a single goose and had missed the only duck. He wished the stupid bird would go, he was […]


God looked down and saw his sadness And He said, “Son, don’t despair. Just because you weren’t made welcome, When you tried to worship there.” “They are a very pious bunch, And careful of whom they let in. They’ve no love or room for sinners, They’re always quick to judge one’s sin.” “Oh, they don’t […]

Spelling Emergency

Nine-one-one got the frantic call, It came a tad before midnight. His wife was having a baby She was screaming with all her might. They asked him for his street number He said, “It’s four oh four oh five.” They asked, “What’s the name of the street?” He said, “It’s Eucalyptus Drive.” The operator couldn’t […]