Yesterday, at half past two,
I ran right out of things to do.
Although you think of it a crime,
I sat me down to force some rhyme.

When Ogden did it, I am told,
All his poems were quickly sold.
But you told me in terms so certain,
My attempts are truly hurtin’.

You said my meter was all samee
And that my story was quite lamee.
That I coined words just for rhyme;
You considered that a crime.

Well, Shakespeare did it, I am told.
Now his coined words, thought brave and bold,
Are used by everyone today.
Mine too could be; just who’s to say?

You said my rhymes, both forced and trite,
Show talent lacks in what I write.
But using neither knife nor gun,
I’ll force my rhymes, because it’s fun!

I wrote this poem after having one of my poems critiqued by a published author who had absolutely no poetic ability. She corrected all of the grammar, changed words and completely ruined the meter. I now believe that the reason editors don’t like poetry is because they don’t have the ability to edit it! Her closing comment was that my rhyme was forced and trite.


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