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Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty lay on the ground A crushed and broken fella. No one wanted to put him together ‘Cause he had salmonella.


They were getting up in years, Their words were sometimes cross. Each accused the other Of a greater memory loss. One night she asked for ice cream With some chocolate syrup on top. She said, “Now don’t you dawdle You’ll forget it if you stop.” When the man at last returned, He had a breakfast […]

The Aquarium

Why had God taken my best friend? An awful thing he’d done to me. I needed John more than He did, A loving God would surely see. A world that is full of sinners, He could have taken one of those. Or the beggar on the corner With the pathetic smelly clothes? My best friend […]


They were on the lake ice-fishing When the church bells began to ring. They could hear the organ music And the people begin to sing. Hank was the first one to mention How very bad his conscience hurt. But they both kept right on fishing… “Well my conscience is clear,” said Bert. “You have no […]

Marriage License

The marriage license fella was nice But he didn’t know a lot. Me and Mary Jo wanted a license But this paper’s all we got. He said it was good for thirty days Which I think’s a little queer. Even the license on my pickup truck Is is good for one whole year.