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Spread the Wealth

Little Fred got lots of money But no candy on Halloween. Fred thought folks who give kids money Instead of candy were plain mean. Fred took his trick or treat money Down to the corner candy shop, To spend every dime on candy Chewing gum and a lollipop. The man wrapping up his candy Who […]

Bad News About Grandpa

Grandpa was in the ER, He’d been there quite a while When the doctor came out. He wasn’t wearing a smile. “I’m afraid I have bad news;” With a sad look, the doctor said, “Your grandpa’s heart is beating, But I’m afraid that he’s braindead.” Grandmother was hysterical, “How could he end up like that? […]

Fly On The Wall
Why The Fly Had To Die

Obama killed a little fly We wonder what did that fly know That caused it to receive Such a presidential blow? It was reported in the news The whole world read about it We know he killed the fly There was no doubt about it. It was shown on live TV When the little fly […]

Name That Hospital

You might be thought of as a nut Or just a conspiracy geek, For the type of information That you have been trying to seek. You can claim without ridicule You have proof the Government knows, That there are aliens flying Around our skies in UFOs. No one will ever claim that you Might have […]