Name That Hospital

You might be thought of as a nut
Or just a conspiracy geek,
For the type of information
That you have been trying to seek.

You can claim without ridicule
You have proof the Government knows,
That there are aliens flying
Around our skies in UFOs.

No one will ever claim that you
Might have been too long in the sun,
If you ask about the space craft
Kept in Area Fifty One.

And you will never be harassed
Or promised that you’ll go to jail,
If you try to investigate
The UFO crash at Roswell.

Everyone thought that it was great
To question Bush’s Guard service,
And forged documents didn’t seem
To make the Media nervous!

So why are they quick to mock you
And make you the target of scorn,
When asked to name the hospital
In which our President was born?


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