Fly On The Wall
Why The Fly Had To Die

Obama killed a little fly
We wonder what did that fly know
That caused it to receive
Such a presidential blow?

It was reported in the news
The whole world read about it
We know he killed the fly
There was no doubt about it.

It was shown on live TV
When the little fly was killed
Obama proudly showed the body
And he really seemed quite thrilled.

The membership of PETA
Was the only group to care
It said Obama’s sneak attack
Made the contest less than fair.

So why did the little fly
Meet the most horrible of fates?
It had traveled with the president
Through all the fifty seven states!

We know a fly upon the wall
Hears things he shouldn’t hear.
Is that why Obama killed it?
Was he acting out of fear?

What wall could it have been on
To deserve Obama’s scorn?
Might it have been a wall in Kenya
The day the President was born?

Ruth, my daughter and webmaster, says that the fly was killed because the White House is a “NO FLY ZONE.”


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