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Mule Math

The old man was going to die But first he thought he’d have some fun. He had seventeen high priced mules. He’d leave several to each son. His oldest son, his favorite, He’d leave most of the mules to him. He chuckled as he wrote his will, Half of the seventeen for Jim. His middle […]

Lost Dollar

Three old men met at a hotel, Each looking for a place to stay. Each man had only ten dollars And that is all that they could pay. Now the clerk’s mistake was honest, At least that’s what we must assume. But he charged them thirty dollars For a twenty-five dollar room. The manager, an […]

The Riddle

Adam, God made out of dust, To make me first He thought He must. So I was made before the man To answer God’s most holy plan. A living being I became And Adam gave to me my name. I from his presence then withdrew And more of Adam never knew. I did my Maker’s […]