The Riddle

Adam, God made out of dust,
To make me first He thought He must.
So I was made before the man
To answer God’s most holy plan.

A living being I became
And Adam gave to me my name.
I from his presence then withdrew
And more of Adam never knew.

I did my Maker’s law obey
Nor ever went from it astray.
Around the globe I go in fear
But seldom on the earth appear.

For plans that only God did see,
He put a living soul in me.
Though I was free of any sin
He took from me the soul again.

And when from me the soul did flee
I was again as God made me.
My brothers walk beneath the sun
But no legs have I with which to run.

But without hands or feet or soul
I travel far from pole to pole.
And many people young and old
By my death did light behold.

No right or wrong can I conceive
Nor can the scriptures I believe;
Although my name therein is found
They are to me an empty sound.

No fear of death doth trouble me,
Real happiness I’ll never see.
To heaven I shall never go
Nor to Hell way down below.

So search your Bible if you care
Four times my name is written there.
King James’ the version you must use
The other ones would just confuse.

This is an old riddle that has been circulating around for a long time. Some of the hints may be a little dated, so keep that in mind as you try to solve it. Ruth and I rewrote it and I changed the rhythm to match my particular style.

I imagine the person who originated the riddle has long ago departed this earth. One particular hint would date it sometime in the 1800’s. Don’t be too quick to look for the answer but if you must give up it is included somewhere in the forward to The Difference.


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