Lost Dollar

Three old men met at a hotel,
Each looking for a place to stay.
Each man had only ten dollars
And that is all that they could pay.

Now the clerk’s mistake was honest,
At least that’s what we must assume.
But he charged them thirty dollars
For a twenty-five dollar room.

The manager, an honest man,
Then gave five dollars to the clerk.
“Return this to the men,” he said,
“And be more careful in your work.”

The clerk was not a world-class brain,
He couldn’t divide five by three.
He thought, “I’ll give them each a one
And keep the other two for me.”

While each paid ten originally,
One dollar back made each pay nine.
And nine times three is twenty-seven,
The total they had paid in kind.

The clerk’s two dollars, that he kept,
Although it’s just a little bit,
Brings our total to twenty nine,
After we add up all of it.

Now one thing keeps me up at night,
The thing that I most want to know,
Will someone out there please tell me,
Where did the other dollar go?


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