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Do Angels Have Wings?

Do angels have wings? I’m sure I don’t know… But they must get there fast, Wherever they go. Do angels have wings? I know they can fly Because they all live Way up in the sky. Well, Superman flies Without any wings And protects little kids And all sorts of good things. Do angels have […]

Consider the Vulture

Have you observed the vulture, just a speck up in the sky? He sails around in circles, waiting for his prey to die. His talons are like knives, his beak a handy shredder. Weapons used to take no life, but only make one deader. He flies with empty stomach, you know he’d like to fill […]

What If

What if you had been born a cat? Your first word would have been, “Meow”. Or if you had been born a puppy You would have told your mom, “Bow Wow”. You’d have to learn to say, “Oink Oink”, If for a dad, you had a pig. But if you had been born a worm […]

Polar Bear

Good Polar Bear, It’s just a hunch When you invite Me out to lunch. I know that you Can’t just eat seal With ice water For every meal. But if some time We meet for food, I hope you’re in A corn flakes mood. If I’m wary Of your menu, You can’t blame me Nice […]

Big Bears Can’t Climb Trees

A great big ugly bear Was coming after me. Great big bears can’t climb, So I went up a tree. Big bear clawed and growled, I was in the best of places; So I threw limbs at him, And made funny faces. Big bear went away, As mad as he could be. I was very […]