What If

What if you had been born a cat?
Your first word would have been, “Meow”.
Or if you had been born a puppy
You would have told your mom, “Bow Wow”.

You’d have to learn to say, “Oink Oink”,
If for a dad, you had a pig.
But if you had been born a worm
You couldn’t talk, you’d only dig.

I wonder just how hard it is
For baby cows to learn to moo.
For baby roosters, life is tough
They must learn, “Cock-a-Doodle-Doo”.

But baby birds have the most fun
When they learn how to fly and sing,
Unless they are the dainty dish
I read got set before some king.

And birdie moms, like all moms do
Would say in no uncertain terms,
“Before you go outside to fly,
You really must eat all your worms”.

Be glad that you have teeth to chew
And not a beak with which to peck.
If you are pleased with what you are
Go run and hug your mother’s neck.


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