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Mommy Smells So Good

I like the smell of candy stores And the fresh smell of cedar wood. But I love the smell of Mommy ‘Cause Mommy always smells so good. When Mommy tucks me in my bed And hugs and kisses me goodnight, The smell she leaves behind with me Makes all the bad things become right. I […]

Just One Glance

Teacher, Teacher Don’t call on me. I’m not ready Can’t you see? Teacher, Teacher Please don’t look. I’m hiding here Behind my book. Teacher, Teacher Call on Fred, He’s all the answers In his head. Teacher, Teacher Call on Fay, She can make up Things to say. Teacher, Teacher That one glance, Just caused me […]

Consider the ‘Possum

Consider the ‘possum, About whom much is said. When life gets too tedious, Mrs. ‘Possum plays dead. She carries her children All around, in her pouch. When they kick and they fight, It has got to be OUCH! But when climbing in trees, And her four feet all fail, And most others would fall, She […]


I’ve got a bad sore throat, Runny nose and a cough. If I sneeze one more time, My head just might come off. Mom said that it looks like I caught myself a cold. I’m not good at catching. I’m only three years old. I heard my mom tell Dad, She thinks I caught the […]


“You are surely grumpy,” Is the first thing Mother said. “You must have gotten up On the wrong side of your bed.” Gramps said, “When you’re grumpy, You’ve got a rock in your shoe.” And Gramps sure ought to know ‘Cause he’s always grumpy too. Dad said, “If you’re grumpy, It’s because you’ve had bad […]