Consider the ‘Possum

Consider the ‘possum,
About whom much is said.
When life gets too tedious,
Mrs. ‘Possum plays dead.
She carries her children
All around, in her pouch.
When they kick and they fight,
It has got to be OUCH!

But when climbing in trees,
And her four feet all fail,
And most others would fall,
She hangs on by her tail.
Some people say flower,
The cultured say blossom.
It’s that kind of people
That calls her opossum.

This marsupial’s been here
A lot longer than most.
She’ll probably be here
After we are all toast.
But back to our ‘possum,
There is one well-known fact,
When she’s in character,
Nothing breaks up her act.

You can tease and kick her,
Even toss her around.
You can cover her up
In a hole in the ground.
Even though her chances
Of escaping are few,
She’s still smug in the fact
That she’s fooled me and you.


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