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How The Slug Lost Its Shell

Have you ever heard the tale Of how the slug was once a snail? He envied all the shells he saw But with his own he saw each flaw. One day a hermit crab came by, He had a shell that pleased Snail’s eye. Now hermit crabs are quick to trade And with the snail […]


Little Pegasus the colt Wanted to learn how to fly. He had dreamed of chasing clouds As he gamboled through the sky. He would gallop and then jump, Then he’d stand around and fret, Because about ten feet up Was as high as he could get. The crows all came to taunt him, “This is […]

Cactus Horse

My brother made a hobby horse Entirely out of cactus. I think that if he learns to ride It’ll take a lot of practice. One thing’s for sure, he won’t fall off If Cactus Horse puts up a fight. ‘Cause once you’re on a cactus horse You’re stuck there awfully tight.

Guardian Angel

I feel sorry for the angel That has to follow me around. That moaning, groaning that I hear Is probably my angel’s sound. This morning did he get worried While I climbed up that old dead tree? And was he the one that caught me Before I fell and skinned my knee? And later when […]

Research Papers and Their Nature

A research paper is basically a composed piece of academic writing that offers interpretation, analysis, and citation of information based on comprehensive independent study by the writer. Research papers are unlike, which are shorter and more clear-cut missions, usually designed to assess only your technical writing abilities but not your