Little Pegasus the colt
Wanted to learn how to fly.
He had dreamed of chasing clouds
As he gamboled through the sky.

He would gallop and then jump,
Then he’d stand around and fret,
Because about ten feet up
Was as high as he could get.

The crows all came to taunt him,
“This is the dumbest of things.
You’re a horse and cannot fly
‘Cause you haven’t any wings!”

But Pegasus kept trying
Impossible it would seem.
But he was much too stubborn
To give up his lifelong dream.

One day he passed a bird store
That sold only birdie things.
They had feathers of all kinds,
He went in and asked for wings.

The clerk took out his ruler
And measured Pegasus twice,
“I’ve a set of buzzard wings
That I think will fit you nice.”

Now Pegasus chases clouds
And to fly would be a thrill,
If his stupid buzzard wings
Didn’t stop at each road-kill.

Pegasus, like the unicorn, is a mythical creature. I read an article about how huge its wings would have to be and how heavy the muscle mass would have to be to operate them.

I decided that if he was small enough, even a pair of buzzard wings could get him off the ground. But buzzard wings created a new problem


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