How The Slug Lost Its Shell

Have you ever heard the tale
Of how the slug was once a snail?
He envied all the shells he saw
But with his own he saw each flaw.

One day a hermit crab came by,
He had a shell that pleased Snail’s eye.
Now hermit crabs are quick to trade
And with the snail a swap was made.

The hermit crab was pleased as punch
And with his shell he left for lunch.
But Snail had found a fatal fault
For hermit crabs leave lots of salt.

Now salt is tough on any snail,
It makes them weep from head to tail.
He left the shell in sudden haste
Before his body turned to paste.

So little Snail became a slug,
His load now light, no shell to lug.
Each night he searches for his shell
And leaves his weepy slimy trail.


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