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Santa’s Knee

It’s once again that time of year. The Christmas season’s really here. A season when kids may not be At all as good as they appear. It’s once again that time of year, When Moms and Dads are always right. When kids are quick to do their chores And never ever fuss and fight. It’s […]


My daddy’s not the President, Or some big famous movie star. He’s just the mostest ‘portant man In this whole big old world so far. Last night I learned he’s Santa Claus; I really think it’s kind of neat. I found his Santa uniform Hidden beneath our window seat. You think he doesn’t look the […]

Life’s Ambition

They tell us with certainty I’m sure they are right That science has figured The exact speed of light. I want to assure you It’s not just a lark That I’m going to figure The exact speed of dark.

My Grandma Lives At The Airport

My grandma lives at the airport, We go and get her now and then, But when we’ve kept her long enough We have to take her back again.

Lesson Learned

I learned a lesson Very well; I picked a cat up By its tail!