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Who Did You Say You Were?

Just a line to say I love you, and that I think you’re great. Last month you had a birthday, and I know this card is late. I know you probably think that I’m among the dead, But I’m just getting old and mixed up in the head. I went to church last Tuesday, I […]

Bumper Sticker

I am usually not the type To put a sticker on my car. But I saw one at the bookstore; It was the best I’d seen so far. So I went out and I stuck it, On my car bumper in the rear. Then I stood back and admired it. Its message almost brought a […]

My Buddy

My buddy and I, For that’s what I thought, Had a string of fish That we had both caught. We’d heard the stories, About a big bear, As big as a car But we didn’t care. We’d flown in by plane To this little stream, An old guide had called A fisherman’s dream. Then we […]

Dear Abby

I am writing to you And to your sister Anne, So if you can’t help me, Maybe your sister can. I just met the woman That I want to marry But how to tell my folks Might be a little hairy. When I met her she was A lady of the night But she gave […]