Bumper Sticker

I am usually not the type
To put a sticker on my car.
But I saw one at the bookstore;
It was the best I’d seen so far.

So I went out and I stuck it,
On my car bumper in the rear.
Then I stood back and admired it.
Its message almost brought a tear.

Is what the bumper sticker said.
And as I drove along the words
All kept on running through my head.

The joy of my experience,
After putting on that sticker,
There was no way I could have asked
For responses any quicker.

I had to stop at a red light,
At a busy intersection;
I was lost in thoughts of Jesus
And was deep in introspection.

So I didn’t really notice
When the red light had turned to green,
But folks behind me showed their care
Much more than I had ever seen.

The bumper sticker really worked,
So many of them showed their love.
They honked their horns in unison,
In honor of the one above.

One fellow rolled his window down
And banged his fist upon his hood.
He started yelling, “Jesus Christ,”
Shouting as loudly as he could

“Go, Jesus Christ, go!” he chanted,
It sounded like a football game.
Others leaned out of their windows
And all began to shout his name.

It just made me feel so happy,
To see all of their loving care.
They began to get acquainted
And then they all began to share.

One guy opened up his car door.
He was really one big sucker!
It seemed he wanted me to know
That his mother was a trucker.

I could hear another yelling,
Above all the honks and screeches.
He must have been from Florida
‘Cause he spoke of sunny beaches.

And then he waved a hand at me
With so much tender love and care.
I could tell he was excited;
One of his fingers in the air.

Now both my boys, who had seen it,
Began to giggle and to shove.
They told me it was Apache
And was their sign for peace and love.

My heart just overflowed with joy,
I thought the sign was such a gem.
I leaned out of my car window
So I could give it back to them.

Then they all jumped out of their cars
And all began to run my way.
I guess that they all loved Jesus
And were gathering round to pray.

But just then the light turned yellow
I had to hurry up and go.
I was the only one to make it
All of the others were too slow.

But those new friends of mine in Christ
Had all certainly made my day,
So I gave them all the love sign,
And then I quickly drove away.


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