Who Did You Say You Were?

Just a line to say I love you, and that I think you’re great.
Last month you had a birthday, and I know this card is late.
I know you probably think that I’m among the dead,
But I’m just getting old and mixed up in the head.

I went to church last Tuesday, I felt like such a fool.
I sat there in the parking lot, all dressed for Sunday School.
Sometimes upon the stairs, I stand with coffee cup,
Now was I going down, or was I coming up?

And heading for the kitchen, I walk with vacant stare.
Will I remember why I’m going, upon arriving there?
I went to use the oven and opened up the door,
Inside I found the ice-trays I’d left the day before.

And when I’m at the fridge, I’m often filled with doubt,
Had I just put food in, or had I come to take some out?
In youth I had a memory and promptness was a trait.
But now I’m going to tell you just why your card is late.

My neighbor brought my mail in and put it on the shelf.
And there I found your letter; I’d addressed it to myself.
I want to mail it out again, to waste the card’s a shame.
I’d put it in the mail right now, if I could just recall your name!

I had a good introduction for this poem but I forgot what it was.

Do any of you see yourselves in Who Did You Say You Were? If you said “no”, you’ve probably just forgotten, or maybe you’re under forty or both. If you do see yourself and you are under forty, get help right away.

In any case, don’t laugh at us older folks. With a few more years of experience, you will become one of us. Look forward to it!


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