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The doctor sadly shook his head As he examined poor old Ben. “How long do I have?” Ben asked. The doctor frowned and answered, “Ten.” “Ten weeks, ten months, ten what?” Ben asked. “Is it something that you can fix?” The doctor just kept on counting; “Nine,” then “eight,” then “seven,” then “six…”

Ladies First

“Ladies first” Goes back a ways, To prehistoric Caveman days. When cavemen first Became aware, They’d not invented Underwear.

Tupperware Party

“Dad, where did Mother go tonight?” Asked the father’s youngest son Ben. “To a Tupperware party”, he said, “She should be home around ten.” “What’s a Tupperware party? What do mothers do there?” Ben asked, looking at his father With an, “I don’t believe you, Dad!” stare. “They sit around drinking coffee And sell plastic […]

Fishing Trip

A wife should let her husband have At least one fishing trip a year. She’d really been quick to approve; My wife is such a thoughtful dear. The next Sunday morning early, I got quietly out of bed And placed a tender loving kiss On top my dear wife’s sleeping head. I grabbed my trusty […]