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Mom’s Favorite Drink

It was take your son to work day. Mrs. Jones took little Pete. He liked his mother’s office; Her friends were kind of neat. There were fun things on her desk Some candy mints and toffee. One friend said Pete could go with him To get his mom her coffee. “We make your mom her […]

Lessons on Buying a Horse

His dad took him to buy a horse. He watched him feel its legs and chest. “When you buy a horse,” Dad told him, “That’s two important parts you test.” “You know that old friend you called To come and fix Mom’s clothes dryer? Mom said that she was thanking him But I think he […]

Selective Memory

He can name all of the quarterbacks On every team in the NFL. He can remember all of the jokes That I hate for him to tell. He can recall every argument, That we had when I was wrong. And he knows all of the words To every dumb hillbilly song. He remembers hunting season […]

The Wake-Up Call

My neighbor said she’d found a way Of getting her son out of bed, To get him up to go to school Had been like waking up the dead. Now he gets up at her first call, I asked her how she managed that. “He always sleeps with his big dog I just throw in […]


It was Sunday once again And he was still asleep in bed, I had to get him up and dressed And then I had to get him fed. It has always been a struggle To get him up and on his way? Sunday for him has always been, A most terrible trying day. Last night […]