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Thanksgiving Dinner

Grandma thought turkey passé, I hear And though it might sound a bit queer, She served us all steaks Made from rattlesnakes. There’ll be lots of leftovers this year!

Mule Math

The old man was going to die But first he thought he’d have some fun. He had seventeen high priced mules. He’d leave several to each son. His oldest son, his favorite, He’d leave most of the mules to him. He chuckled as he wrote his will, Half of the seventeen for Jim. His middle […]

I Wish Blackbirds Would Just Shut-Up

A blackbird is the worst of singers, In concerts he cannot join in. He’s ridiculed at singing contests, With his harsh voice he cannot win. A maestro wished to help the bird And purchased a violin for him. The saddened blackbird soon found out, Chance of success with it was slim. A road of cobblestones […]

Upon Writing My 1,000th Poem

How many poems do you have to write Before you call yourself a poet? How many poems do you have to write Before they’re so good you know it? How many poems do you have to write Before agents beat down your door? How many poems do you have to write? I guess I’d better […]

An All Around Bad Day

The bully thought it was funny To grab another person’s drink, And then to gulp it down real fast Before the other man could think. But this time the man was crying Which spoiled all of the bully’s fun. He said, “You’re stupid if you think I’ll buy you another one!” He said, “That’s not […]