An All Around Bad Day

The bully thought it was funny
To grab another person’s drink,
And then to gulp it down real fast
Before the other man could think.

But this time the man was crying
Which spoiled all of the bully’s fun.
He said, “You’re stupid if you think
I’ll buy you another one!”

He said, “That’s not why I’m crying.
It seems this day will never end.
Just this morning my wife ran off,
With who I thought was my best friend.”

“My dog, Bruno, got run over
And my only car was stolen.
Then my doctor phoned and told me
He’d found something on my colon.”

“And then at work my boss told me
That a foreigner he had hired,
Would do all of me work cheaper
And so he told me I was fired.”

“I thought that I would kill myself
Now things have really gotten bad.
That drink that you just grabbed from me
Contained all the poison that I had!”

Have you ever had just an all around bad day, one of those days when absolutely nothing went right? Most of us remember childhood days when we thought that the whole world was out to get us, but really bad days usually wait around until we have taken on adult responsibilities. Bad days are defined differently by people based on their circumstances. A bad hair day in America can’t be compared to another day of torture, or going without food and medical care for one’s family in less fortunate parts of the world. In An All Around Bad Day, you decide which of the two ended up having the worst day.


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