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What Fish?

Well the warden had him this time, It was way more than he could wish. He had finally caught Old Jake Holding a bucket full of fish. Old Jake never bought a license, He hadn’t ever felt the need. There was a wife and several kids Jake had to find a way to feed. These […]

The Baptist Preacher’s Visit

The country church asked Brother Jones If he’d come and preach a service. He’d never preached for Methodists And he was a little nervous. They had called him Sunday morning, When they found out he was coming. They had warned their church was small And they had no indoor plumbing. When he had started preaching […]

Show and Tell

The teacher said to her class, “For next Friday’s Show-and-Tell, Bring something from your heritage That depicts your faith as well.” “This is my prayer rug,” Said the little Muslim boy. “I kneel on it when I pray So it isn’t just a toy.” “This is the Star of David, It protects our crops and […]


They had been going together For what it seemed to her like years. That he’d never mentioned marriage, Had caused her much remorse and tears. He was ordering Chinese take out. He asked how she’d like her rice; Did she want it steamed or fried? She answered, “Thrown would sure be nice!”


In the beginning, God said to his son, “Today I woke up in a building mood. I want to have a creation party. Go tell the angels to bring lots of food.” God said that “it’s time for us to build Earth And then fill it up with lots of neat stuff.” But Gabriel was […]