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The Greater Sin

The priest had been razzing The Rabbi once again, Who believes eating pork Is a most awful sin. On their trip to the woods To look at the fall leaves He’d taunted the Rabbi About what he believes. I brought ham sandwiches They’re back there in my car. Just taste one and you’ll see How […]

She Doesn’t Care!

When we get ready to go out, I ask my wife, “What should I wear?” She yells from her walk-in closet, The same thing that she always says, That she really doesn’t care. So I grab my favorite shirt, My wife describes as greenish khaki. Just then she yells back, “Not that stupid green shirt […]

Live Wires

The Live Wires all gather The third Wednesday at noon… Where each one has a place Set with knife, fork and spoon. It seems that the reason The men come to gather Is to eat way too much, And talk about weather. There’s one thing about which They will always complain; There is either too […]