She Doesn’t Care!

When we get ready to go out,
I ask my wife, “What should I wear?”
She yells from her walk-in closet,
The same thing that she always says,
That she really doesn’t care.

So I grab my favorite shirt,
My wife describes as greenish khaki.
Just then she yells back,
“Not that stupid green shirt
It always makes you look so tacky.”

The next shirt that I pick,
I hurriedly put back.
When she yells out from her domain,
“Don’t wear that shirt you wore last night.
Navy blues don’t go with black!”

That a man’s wife can read his mind
I’ve begun to think is true,
When she yells, “Not that western shirt!
The dress that I’m wearing clashes
With that particular shade of blue.”

I grab the last shirt in my closet
As she complains how long I took.
She says, as we go out the door,
“Who says a man can’t dress himself,
You see how nice you look?”


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