Live Wires

The Live Wires all gather
The third Wednesday at noon…
Where each one has a place
Set with knife, fork and spoon.

It seems that the reason
The men come to gather
Is to eat way too much,
And talk about weather.

There’s one thing about which
They will always complain;
There is either too much,
Or there’s not enough rain.

While the ladies all talk
Of who’s sick and who’s well,
And the things that they bought
At the last garage sale.

And because, at our age,
Life has become fleeting,
We will all look to see
Who’s made one more meeting.

Then it comes time to sing
The old hymns, that we sung
In the days long gone by,
When we were all young.

If Bro. Henry’s there
When we’re singing a song,
We must sing every verse;
It matters not how long

And then our guest speaker
Follows one special song.
And since we’re all hungry,
We hope he won’t speak long!

Forget about hunger,
And forget about thirst.
The dessert table’s where
Everyone goes to first.

There is one fellow there,
Who, I won’t say his name,
Get ‘tween him and the pie,
And you might end up lame.

Then we pick up our plates,
And we all get in line.
Lord, watch the fried chicken…
That big drum stick is mine!

Then we eat ’til we’re stuffed,
‘Til our eyes fill with tears,
These ladies are good cooks,
‘Cause they’ve practiced for years.

Now I’ve eaten too much,
And my belt is too tight;
No room in my stomach
For the tiniest bite!

So I clean off my plate,
And lean back with a sigh…

On the way to the trash can,
Just one more piece of pie.

Written by request for the 25th anniversary of Live Wires, February 2006. Live Wires is a senior citizen get-together held at Lone Oak Baptist Church in Snook, Texas, on the third Wednesday of every month at 11 p.m. Folks meet from all over the area; many different churches are represented. They sing, pray, eat and fellowship with each other. A good time is had by all.


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