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The Devil went to church one day To have a little Devil fun. He threatened all the people there Just to see how fast they’d run. The church cleared out in record time Except for Pete who didn’t budge. “One in fifty,” the Devil thought, But even one soul he’d begrudge. He asked Pete why […]

Grandmother’s Driving

My grandmother always says, She doesn’t care how folks talk. If her driving bothers them They should keep off of the sidewalk!

Water into Wine

The preacher told him, “I work for God. Ticket me and you’ll go to Hell.” But the policeman asked the preacher, “Isn’t that alcohol I smell?” The preacher said, “It’s just water.” The policeman said, “It smells like gin.” “Son, you’ve witnessed a mircacle!It looks like He’s done it again!”

The High Cost of Living

They were happy And drove away. So who was I To ruin their day? He was so sure My only son That two could live As cheap as one. The only way He won’t be wrong Is if they’re married Half as long.

Growing Pains

No matter what the doctors say The one thing that a mother knows, Children’s growth spurts always occur Just after you’ve bought them new clothes!