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The salesman saw the two walk in Carrying a brown paper sack. The woman wore a brand new hat, The price tag hanging from the back. “We came to buy a car,” they said, And they began to look around. The salesman thought of wasted time And couldn’t quite suppress a frown. The man walked […]

New Dress

His wife went shopping at the Mall, So very much to his distress. He said, “Go look, but just don’t buy, You sure don’t need another dress.” But then she found the perfect gown, It cost too much and she knew it. So when her husband asked her why, She said the Devil made her […]

Texas Rangers

The brave and gallant general Told the men in his command “We’re going up to plunder In the northern Texas land.” When, on a distant hilltop, He saw a Texas Ranger. He dispatched his two best men, Though he saw little danger. They quickly chased the Texan To the backside of the hill. Then the […]

Selective Choice

The Government says the land is yours But you’re not allowed to use it. There’s a tiny snail that lives there And they can’t let you abuse it. The Government says the trees are yours But it won’t let you cut them down. There’s a small bird that uses them So all your trees are […]

Who’s Boss?

He says, “I wear the pants in the family.” His wife says, “He’s such a gem. I let him wear the pants in the family, As long as his apron covers them.”