Selective Choice

The Government says the land is yours
But you’re not allowed to use it.
There’s a tiny snail that lives there
And they can’t let you abuse it.

The Government says the trees are yours
But it won’t let you cut them down.
There’s a small bird that uses them
So all your trees are hallowed ground.

The Government says that it’s your swamp
But you’re not allowed to drain it.
A small fish is in need of it
And it’s your job to maintain it.

The Government says that it’s your field
But you’re not allowed to till it.
A little mouse has been seen there,
It’s possible you might kill it.

The Government says the water’s yours,
To sprout your crops and quench their thirst,
But then they came and turned it off,
There’s life downstream and it comes first.

The woman says, “THIS BODY IS MINE,”
But God put a wee life there.
The Government says, “Just kill it.”
And no one seems at all to care!

I once asked a woman, who referred to herself as pro-choice, if she thought that it was alright to end a one-day-old baby’s life. She said, “Of course not!” So I asked her what about the day before it was born? She was still uncomfortable with that. I kept backing it up until she said that she wasn’t going to play my game any more. A Christian who claims to be in favor of abortion is not well versed in the Bible. I am sure that they would have a struggle with their conscience if they ever actually watched a fully formed young human, being brutally killed by what they refer to as a late term abortion technique. In this poem, I am pointing out the fact that trees and animals are given more protection, by our laws, than unborn babies.


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