The Know-It-All

The know-it-all was showing off
And had been doing it non-stop.
Just now his group was on a tour
Inside an old-time blacksmith shop.

The know-it-all would show them how
That he knew more than their young guide;
He prattled on continuously
With unappreciated pride.

The guide had warned the touring group,
The horseshoes were all very hot.
A warning sure to go unheard
By this one know-it-all crackpot.

So everybody there watched him
Pick up a horseshoe from the bench
And all of them would now agree
That burning flesh makes quite a stench.

He quickly threw it on the floor
And jumped back from the red-hot shoe.
Just not to cry and scream in pain
Was almost more than he could do.

And so of course the group all laughed
At Mr. Know-It-All’s mistake.
Now laughter is the one sure thing
That braggart know-it-alls can’t take.

The guide chastised the know-it-all,
“I said the horseshoes were all hot.”
But to admit a dumb mistake
Would never be our hero’s lot.

And so he said sarcastically,
As he stood there with pained bemuse,
“It doesn’t take an expert long
To look at poorly made horseshoes.”


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