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Memory Book

He said he found a memory book And that his memory had improved. No longer would he forget a name, All fear of embarrassment removed. The book taught him to associate New names and places with things he knows. Like somebody with a name like Storm, He associates with one who blows. So I asked […]

A Senior Moment

This morning the toilet stopped up, I hurriedly plunged out the clogs. My wife called out from the kitchen, “It’s going to rain cats and dogs!” So I got out my umbrella, Put the plunger under the sink. I had no time for my breakfast And I didn’t take time to think. While waiting down […]

Pa’s Wild Oats

I thought I would marry Billy. I thought I could love no other. Pa said, “You can’t marry Billy Because Billy your half-brother.” He said that it would raise a fuss If I should mentioned it to Ma, So I fell in love with Henry Until I had a talk with Pa. He said, “I […]


Old Harry Spatts Has sixty cats, He keeps them in his barn. He keeps them there To eat the rats That come to eat his corn. Each has a bowl And each a hole So they can come and go. But why each cat Has its own hole, I said I’d like to know. Well […]

His Eye is On the Sparrow

I prayed to God without relief, My prayers had not been getting through. That I was praying fervently, I wondered if God even knew. Then driving on a lonely road, Close in behind another car, I saw that it had hit a bird, Left there, fluttering in the tar. I pulled off on the gravel […]