Pa’s Wild Oats

I thought I would marry Billy.
I thought I could love no other.
Pa said, “You can’t marry Billy
Because Billy your half-brother.”

He said that it would raise a fuss
If I should mentioned it to Ma,
So I fell in love with Henry
Until I had a talk with Pa.

He said, “I hate to cause you pain,
And again don’t tell your mother,
But you mustn’t marry Henry
‘Cause like Billy, he’s your brother.

Now ma was getting quite concerned
After I broke up with Harry.
She said, “Girl you’ll soon be fifteen,
Aren’t you ever going to marry?”

So I told her what Pa told me,
How my friends were all my brothers,
Henry, Billy and now Harry
And there might still be some others.

She said, “Your Pa has sowed his oats
And that sure can be a bother
But you marry who you want to,
‘Cause your pa is not your father.


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