His Eye is On the Sparrow

I prayed to God without relief,
My prayers had not been getting through.
That I was praying fervently,
I wondered if God even knew.

Then driving on a lonely road,
Close in behind another car,
I saw that it had hit a bird,
Left there, fluttering in the tar.

I pulled off on the gravel side,
Although it was steep and narrow.
Then I saw that the dying bird
Was a common little sparrow.

God’s promise flashed before my eyes
And so I crouched above the bird.
I knew that God would hear me now,
As it was promised in his Word;

That even the tiny sparrow,
When it at last falls from the air,
God said he is aware of it
And he had promised to be there.

Once more my faith had been renewed,
I felt my fervent prayers take wing.
Once more I knew the kind of joy
That makes all of the angels sing.

Matthew 10:29 tells us that when even the lowly sparrow falls, God is there. Have you ever felt that your prayers just weren’t getting through? Some little assistance, even from a dead sparrow, might be all that you need to build your faith and send your prayers on their way. The man in the poem knew his Bible. He knew his God and he evidently had faith or he wouldn’t have kept trying. God recognizes the need for help in our worship and prayers or He wouldn’t have stressed the point that He would be there when two or three are gathered in His name. Of course He is there for you always, but Christian friends sure seem to make it easier.

Matthew 10-29


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