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A Woman’s Lament

If the man who designs dresses Ever had to put one on, Then a lot of silly fashions Very quickly would be gone. And the man who makes our shoes, Another guy I’d like to meet, Just to see if he could walk In high heel shoes that hurt his feet. When I stop to […]

Watermelon Seeds

The new preacher had just arrived; He’d held his very first meeting. Now a watermelon party, To give him a Texas greeting. The two sons of Brother Carter Were not known for being real nice. No one noticed them pour whiskey Over the brand new preacher’s slice. Then they watched and they both giggled As […]

A Poem for Tommy

Little Tommy asked me to write A funny poem about him. About how good he can count And how fast that he can swim. He asked me to be sure and write Just how tall that he has grown. About his bug collection That he gathered on his own. He said to write how quick […]

Three Things I Never Forget

No matter the gender or race I never forget a face. And all my life it’s been the same I never ever forget a name. But though at memory, I’m a whiz for the life of me, I can’t remember, what that third one is.

Wiggle Worm

Pastor Ben was preaching way too long, Little Billy had begun to squirm. He was doing his imitation Of a giggly wiggly worm. Billy’s mother tried to shush him up, She shook little Billy by his arm. She promised awful consequences And threatened him with bodily harm. When his sister whispered in his ear, Little […]