Little Tommy needed help…
I saw his boots were too small
As he tried to get them on,
Sitting in the pre-school hall.

So I knelt, to help him out,
In the middle of the floor.
He just needed bigger boots
But his folks were very poor.

It was tough to get them on,
It was surely not a treat!
Looking at his boots he said,
“You got them on the wrong feet.”

They were harder to remove
Because they were very tight.
Then I got them on once more
And made certain they were right.

He said, “These are not my boots.”
I guess that is when I cried.
The deed I thought of doing
Would be called ”infanticide”.

He continued as I tugged,
Saying, “No, but my mother
Makes me wear them every day,
They belong to my brother.”

My thoughts could have had me jailed
As I put them on again.
He tried to fix my anger
With an impish little grin.

Then I asked, “Where are your gloves?”
As hot tears rolled down my nose.
He just pointed at his boots,
“They are stuffed down in the toes.”

Every teacher that has taught kindergarten or pre-school kids, for longer than a week, has had this kind of an experience. My grandfather had a saying for such a trying experience. “I had to lick that calf twice.” In Boots, the “calf” got “licked” several times.

Just recently there has been a rash of school shootings by frustrated students. If frustration is really the cause, it makes you wonder why it’s the students doing the shooting and not the teachers.


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