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Matt and Mabel

“You are so forgetful”, Matt yelled at poor old Mabel. She had forgotten her purse Back on the restaurant table. He had berated her Those twenty long miles back. “You’re the dumbest in the world. You’re one pancake short a stack.” Then they pulled up in front, Mabel and old grouchy Matt, “Now go get […]

One Track Mind

There is one most talented baby Born into the world each day. Today it is going to be mine, Much to other new fathers’ dismay. If it’s a boy, he’s going to play football, I’ll watch him on Sunday TV. I’ll brag to the guys at the office Just how much he takes after me. […]

Birthday Parties

I like to have neighborhood parties Celebrating my children’s birthdays. It’s not just for the kids’ benefit… Even though they’re my little sunrays. I like to have neighborhood parties, Or to have neighbors’ kids here to dine, Just to prove to myself there’re people Who have kids who are much worse than mine. Some parents […]

Gifted Child

Last night I heard my mother say That I am a gifted child. I thought it must be something good Because I saw that mother smiled. I thought that I would brag a bit So I told my older brother. I asked him just what gifted meant, And why it so please our mother. He […]

Old Grouch

He’s gotten old and grouchy Kids get him all uptight. He says he does love kids As long as they’re kept out of sight. He read a book one night “Childproof your house”, it said. He read how to do it As he lay there in bed. Now he’s childproofed his house; He says that […]