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What’s ‘er Name ?

It was their anniversary, They’d been married sixty years. He still called her terms endearing With lots of Honeys, Dolls and Dears. When he introduced her to me, As his Sweet Little Turtle Dove, I commented how refreshing To see someone so much in love. They had been married all those years And their love […]

From Scratch

Pedro made the best tamales Of anyone I’ve ever found. I would always buy a dozen When I happened to be in town. I asked just how he made the ones That no one else in town could match. He replied in broken English That he made all of them from scratch. That day I […]

The Devil and Texas

Satan sent his evil minions Out looking for a summer home Where he could go when Hell got hot, He wanted lots of space to roam. They quickly found the perfect place, It was a real nice fixer-upper. The Devil said he’d take a look, That night after he had supper. He saw he’d have […]


Love is a powerful emotion, A beautiful thing to behold. It tames the old savage within us And will make the most timid man bold. While the love of a boy for his dog Gives name to the teenagerâ’s feeling. Puppy love, as it’s called by grown-ups, Will send young emotions to reeling. Shakespeare recorded […]