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Wise Counsel

He wanted to be a gunslinger, he had gotten pretty good. He had busted lots of bottles and shot up lots of wood. It was time to go to Tombstone and show what he could do, He would hang out with the Earps and shoot a dude or two. He found Wyatt, at the Oriental, […]


You could see he was proud, There was no need to ask ‘Cause in only two weeks He’d completed the task. The puzzle was finished With much praise from his peers. They had all read the box It said, “Two to four years.”


Herbert really was confused. Why did Grandpa get so mad? Just why was he in trouble? What he did, was it so bad? It sure had sounded stupid, For that much he knew was true; But he had done exactly What Grandpa had told him to. What most every other kid Usually called number one, […]

Fear of Flying

Well I guess, as airlines go, It wasn’t the best around But it was the only one That flew into our hometown. I had a boarding problem That I needed to discuss. I thought “Correct change only” Was for when you ride the bus. It was my first airplane ride So I really didn’t know, […]

The Hole

No one knew what caused it Or how the hole got there. The sheriff found it first And showed it to the mayor. Schoolboys were the next To come and gather ’round. With nothing else to do In this stiff-necked little town. Jimmy and his puppy Then came to see the sight. The sheriff checked […]