Herbert really was confused.
Why did Grandpa get so mad?
Just why was he in trouble?
What he did, was it so bad?

It sure had sounded stupid,
For that much he knew was true;
But he had done exactly
What Grandpa had told him to.

What most every other kid
Usually called number one,
Was good enough for others
But not for his mother’s son.

Tee-tee was much too common
And tinkle was just absurd.
He’d learned to call it whisper
Because that’s a nicer word.

And that’s what caused the problem
That nobody could foresee.
One night at Grandma’s house
Herbert really had to pee.

He went to tell his grandpa
And he gave his arm a shake.
“I’ve really got to whisper
Grandpa, please, are you awake?”

Grandpa saw him standing there,
He’d begun to shake the bed.
He really wasn’t thinking
Because this is what he said,

“You mustn’t wake your grandma,
Try to be a little dear.
As quietly as you can,
Come and whisper in my ear.”


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