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Yesterday I thought that I Would try my best to fail. So when confronted with success I fought it tooth and nail. True failure was no easy thing, I would accept no less. But now it has occurred to me, My plan to fail was a success! So if my plan was a success. Then […]

The Fork

“A fork?” the preacher said, condescension in his voice, “Of all your earthly goods, a fork’s to be your choice?” She had asked him for a visit, for she was going to die; They had talked about her service, how she wanted none to cry. She would be in her church dress, with a fork […]

Animal Testing

It was on last night’s news So it’s got to be true; They must be much smarter Than anybody knew! They use rats for testing The treatments for cancers. So are rats smart enough To know the right answers? Animal Testing has no moral. It was just a fun thing to write. We all like […]


As I was walking through my yard I came upon a little snail. He had no reason to be there And leave his yucky slimy trail. I picked the little fellow up And threw him very far away And then forgot about the deed That I had done that summer day. A year had passed […]


I really didn’t lose my job, I can find my way back to it. But when I went there yesterday They’d hired someone else to do it. Oh, they didn’t ever fire me. Or I’d have really thrown a fit; But when they stopped paying me I got so darn mad I quit.