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It was two in the morning when they kicked in our door. A body’s not safe in his home anymore. They sure didn’t knock or ring our doorbell. Just what had we done? They weren’t going to tell. They put us in cuffs and took us down town, Me in my ‘jammas, my wife in […]

The Confessional

The drunk was lurching side to side as he staggered down the street. He barely seemed to be aware of the people he would meet. But then between a classic stagger and a very artful lurch, Somehow he made it up the steps of the Holy Rosary Catholic Church. Inside his drunken trip continued, as […]

The Put Down

For holding up traffic, she was doing her part; She had stopped for a light, now her car wouldn’t start. The fellow behind her was an impatient cuss, When things weren’t his way, he could sure raise a fuss. For all women drivers he had nothing but scorn; So he said some choice words then […]

Widow’s Mite

Jesus saw her at the temple The day she tithed her widow’s mite. She has survived down through the ages, Though she’s usually out of sight. Today she depends on welfare, Not quite enough to make ends meet. And some months she has to decide, should she buy medicine or eat. But she will always […]

Duck Hunt

A sportsman’s not what you’d call Hank, Though he sure liked to hunt and fish. He would say, “It’s never too small, To look good on a dinner dish.” He’d no love for mounted trophies, A Scrooge just like Ebenezer. No trophy went up on Hank’s wall, It all went into his freezer. He was […]