Widow’s Mite

Jesus saw her at the temple
The day she tithed her widow’s mite.
She has survived down through the ages,
Though she’s usually out of sight.

Today she depends on welfare,
Not quite enough to make ends meet.
And some months she has to decide,
should she buy medicine or eat.

But she will always honor God
And she tithes her meager wages,
Just the same as those before her
Always did, down through the ages.

Maggie is just such a woman
And Jesus is her faithful friend.
If she fails to tithe her welfare,
She is certain her life will end.

Once when pastor came to visit,
She said she had just gotten up.
“I’m having some tea for breakfast,
Wouldn’t you like to have a cup?”

The pastor took a sip and thought,
“Her memory’s getting shorter.”
He said, “Maggie this isn’t tea,
This cup’s only filled with water.”

She said, “ Now isn’t Jesus good?
He’s always a blessing to me.
I know it is only water
But Jesus makes it taste like tea!”

One of the stories that we learned in Sunday school was the Widow’s Mite. Jesus was deeply touched, that day in the temple, by the widow’s generosity. He used her offering as an example to his disciples. One doesn’t have to be of the Christian faith to learn from Jesus’ teaching. Of course the moral of the story is to make the most of what you have. In my version of that old story, the widow shares her tea (which is only water) with her pastor. But more importantly, she shares her faith that it will also taste like tea to him.
Just a Penny, is a different version of the widow’s mite. It is such a good story I might write more.

Mark 12:42-43


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