The Confessional

The drunk was lurching side to side as he staggered down the street.
He barely seemed to be aware of the people he would meet.
But then between a classic stagger and a very artful lurch,
Somehow he made it up the steps of the Holy Rosary Catholic Church.

Inside his drunken trip continued, as he crashed from pew to pew.
The priest, who watched in silent horror, didn’t know just what to do.
The priest then saw to his relief the confessional was his destination;
He quickly went to priestly mode, no longer filled with consternation.

He sat in silence by the screen, to give the drunk a time to pray;
He prejudged what he’d give for penance, knowing what the drunk would say.
He asked at last, “May I help you, son?” The answer left him horrified.
The drunk said, “Well I certainly hope, is there any paper on your side?”


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