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I have a friend who says it’s true, What is to be will be, come what. He says a man can’t change his life, There is no if, no and, nor but. I try to think he has some doubt And that he probably really cares, But then, I happened to be there When he […]

Boot Hill

It wasn’t even a one-horse town, This place they called New Scenery. It had a pharmacy, a dry goods store, A barbershop and a beanery. They all belonged to old Doc Laughlin, Located in his front room. He’d keep your horse in a stall out back And for a quarter, would give it a groom. […]

The Privy

The rug man had done such a beautiful job, He had stretched it so smooth and so tight. She stood and admired our new bathroom floor, She just thought it a most wonderful sight. The rug salesman had come and had talked to my wife, I knew it would cost me some money. I see […]


I would like to send, to those in charge, A most important small petition. From time to time, I would like to end My sentence with a preposition. In the words of Winston Churchill, When he at last put down his foot, “That’s one rule of the English language, Up with which I will not […]