The Alligator

My neighbors gathered around
Like some display at the zoo.
An eight-foot alligator,
What was I going to do?

“One hundred dollars,” I said,
“To the one who gets him out.”
That’s when I heard old Bubba
Let out a terrible shout.

Splashing about in my pool
He grabbed the terrible beast.
I thought the alligator
Was going to have a feast.

He got it in a scissor
And he hung on like a fool.
He killed the alligator,
Flung it right out of the pool.

I said, “That’s the bravest thing
That I’ve seen somebody do.
I promised a hundred bucks,
I’m going to make it two!”

I saw he wasn’t happy
‘Cause his face was flushed and red.
When at last he got his breath,
In an angry voice he said,

“I don’t want your dang money,
I just want to find the fool
Who thought it was so funny
When he pushed me in your pool!”