Kent’s Operation

Sue Smith stood up in church and said.
“Thank God for answering my prayer.
Healing my husband’s injuries,
Demonstrated His loving care.”

“When Kent crashed his motorcycle,
His scrotum was horribly crushed.
They called me from the hospital
Where he, in much pain, had been rushed.”

“His pain was excruciating,
Success in treating it was dim.
Prospects for a full recovery,
The doctor said, were next to slim.”

“Kent couldn’t hold me or the kids,
Every breath caused him awful pain.
Just thinking of having to move
Was enough to drive him insane.”

“The ten-hour operation
On Kent’s scrotum was a success,
They had to wrap it up in wire,
They told me, to relieve the stress.”

Vivid visions of the surgery
Had the men squirming in their pews;
Of all pains they could imagine
This would be the last one they’d choose.

Sue said, “Thank God Kent’s here today.
They say that in a month or two,
If he is careful how he moves,
His scrotum will be as good as new.”

A man walked slowly to the front.
He said, “I’m Sue Smith’s husband, Kent,
At times Sue gets her terms confused…
‘Sternum’ is the word that she meant.”


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