Category: Church Humor

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Two Envelopes

He had come to this large church, To test his pastor skills. He was sure of his ability And sure of his preaching skills. The deacon board, they warned him, Was really tough to please. Now this first confrontation Had sent him to his knees. This problem had arisen With which he could not cope, […]

A Little Boy’s Prayer

Lord, I know I’ve not been good, Sometimes I’m very bad. Mommy says the things I do Are sure to make you sad. She says that I should pray each night That you would make me good; So if you’ve time to hear my prayer, Please help me do the things I should. I know […]

Church Foot

My foot just went to sleep. It does it out of spite. I hate it when it happens. Now it’s gonna be up all night.

The Pastor’s False Teeth

The pastor got a new set of teeth, Sunday’s sermon was eight minutes long. His speech sounded hesitant and garbled, The choir covered it up with a song. The next Sunday he spoke for ten minutes, The church members were all very moved, His sermon was short but inspiring And his diction had surely improved. […]

The Demons

The community had gathered, The new priest was meeting his flock, This was his first congregation Since he had first donned the Smock. “What do you think of the Demons?” A little boy asked the new priest.” The attention of all those there Had very suddenly increased. The new priest, wanting very much To calm […]