“It’s time to go,” the Father said,
As they all gathered at the gate.
They’ve been expecting us for years
And now we shouldn’t make them wait.

The Son had all the maps and charts,
Taken from the Heavenly crypt.
Everything was going perfect
According to the ancient script.

The extravaganza was well planned,
The cast were all made ready.
Great expectation filled the air,
Heaven’s atmosphere was heady.

The Program had been sent ahead
So very very long ago.
With every detail written down
For the chosen ones to go.

The event, so carefully planned,
Would start in very early morn.
When Gabriel, the supporting star,
Would stand and blow his golden horn.

Then Gabriel first expressed his doubt,
Would just his trumpet be enough?
With all the fancy shows on Earth,
The competition would be tough.

To counter all those big productions
Would take more than a Godly act.
“Can we compete with prime-time shows?”
Gabriel asked, with angel’s tact.

“It might be best to hold our trip,
Maybe we should try for Monday,
A lot of folks will not show up
You know the Super Bowl is Sunday!”

It is difficult for today’s church to compete with the multimillion-dollar extravaganzas put on by the entertainment industry. Some churches try, with earthly offerings such as: people centers, tennis courts, bowling alleys and even swimming pools. The truly successful ones do so with the good old-fashion gospel message. Youth programs are necessary to attract youth but fund-raisers for a skiing trip should not dominate Bible study and worship time. In Extravaganza, I have posed the question; “How many Christians would be in favor of postponing the Rapture until after the Super Bowl game?” While I’m on my soapbox, where did the phrase, “If God tarries, I’ll do such and such,” come from? My dictionary defines tarry as to linger or loiter. God is not loitering, He knows exactly when He’s coming.


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